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AustralTex S.A.
Combate de Montevideo 1348. (V9420DRB)
Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego
Telephone +54 2964 425440


Located in the city of Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego province (Land of fire province) (Lat. 53º48’ S - Long. 67º45’ W), we started our activities en 1982, in the knitting and dyeing industry. After having surpassed various productive crisises of the country and as the causequence of a constant policy of investment and development, focusing on growth, we have triplicated our production in the last 2 years, averaging 1.500.000 mts. Per month in a wide range of articles and created in this way more jobs and propelled the province´s economy.
We count on a plant of 14450 M2 aproxiatmatly wich an installed working capacity of 2500 KW, where we employ more than 300 workers.
Furthermore. We user modern equipment and technology, like a very important waste water reciclying plant, respecting and preserving the environment. .

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